Vaccination plan and the recent COVID wave

The most indicator to follow in Colombia during this phase of the pandemic is the progress in the vaccination process. This will be the most important issue in Colombia given the third wave that is coming and which may have the worst mortality peaks of all.

In fact, the triage protocol has already begun in Medellin, assuming that the number of ICU beds will require a selection of difficult cases as had happened in other countries and had been avoided so far in the city of eternal spring.

In any case, the contagion forecasts of the National Institute of Health of Colombia continue to assume a new record for the end of May or the middle of June and decreasing rapidly in July and the beginning of August.

A higher level of contagion does not necessarily mean an increase in mortality, especially with the advances in the vaccination of the population, however, it is essential to take into account the reference of health projection in order to establish the scenarios of future restrictions.

Vaccination progresses according to schedule

In the vaccination process, the two-dose phase for health personnel has already been completed, an essential issue for preparing for this new and more complex wave, and a reflection that the process is generally proceeding on schedule.

The goal of the national government is to achieve 4 million doses by April 25 and so far it seems that the objective can be met. The decree that allows private actors to buy vaccines and participate from the needs of sectors and regions in accelerating the rate of vaccination has yet to be taken advantage of.

The headlines of May and June will surely follow the trend of contagion and mortality, in addition to the restrictions, however, to understand what will happen in the second semester from July, the most important thing is to keep an eye on the vaccination dynamics that until the moment is going well and we hope that with the role of private actors it can improve.


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