Official Statement LIWC Colombian Team

Dear freedom friends

Colombia is at a critical juncture. Over the past month, in Colombia, we have experienced a rise in civil protest around the tax reform our current government wants to push, this reform implies less economic freedom for Colombians. This situation has also brought to the surface the rise of violence from radical left groups that directly threaten civil liberties.

If you decide to come I guarantee you will be safe and you will get to experience the happiest country on earth. You will see the real Colombia, a place where ideas of liberty are called to flourish, as do our beautiful flowers during August in Medellin. International media, with other interests, are showing the worst face of Colombia right now. They are showing the few that want to destroy our future. I am here to tell you that the people working towards a better future are far more, that the situation is better than you are being told.

We are grateful that Liberty International is working with us to hold the 2021 LI World Conference in Medellin this August 12-16. Liberty International has been a pioneer in pushing the freedom movement into new territories. During the 80s, European members smuggled books into the Soviet block, especially to the Charta 77 dissident group in Czechoslovakia. After the fall of the Wall, LI held several conferences in eastern Europe that helped build local movements. Li Zhao Schoolland organized 10 high-powered Austrian Economics seminars at Northeastern University in Shenyang, China, and during 2020, Liberty International raised funds for several Covid relief projects demonstrating that people do not need to depend on governments for emergency relief.

Today, Colombia is urged with the seeds of freedom. With the Liberty International network, we have the opportunity to water the soil in which these ideas are to be cultivated. We are living an unpreceded time to rewrite history and cultivate the libertarian future we long for. As a Colombian and libertarian woman, I tell you, we have the chance to make history.

Right now, liberty in Colombia is threatened, the same way it was in Chile months ago, or even Venezuela years ago. It is about time we take a stand in preserving our freedom against governments and criminal organizations, sharing that freedom is a global matter and Colombia will be a new land of liberty.

Come to Colombia and support us grow our liberty movement. Even if you cannot come, please contribute to the LI Conference Scholarship Fund to enable hopeful students to participate and be inspired to drive the future of liberty.

And as a very close LI friend once told me We will not be free until everyone is free.

Yours truly

Maria Alejandra Londoño
Project Manager LIWC Medellín 2021


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