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Liberty International World Conference in Colombia is coming in big steps. We would love to make this event open for all different kinds of freedom admirers: entrepreneurs, think-tank activists, intellectuals, and also students from all around the world. But we need to face the reality: our conference is just too expensive for student pocket. This is why we established the LIWC Colombia Scholarship Fund.

I can guarantee you that only the brightest and most hard-working students will be awarded with these scholarships. You can check the scholarship form under “Get Scholarship” position on the main conference website. We will also make sure the awarded students will attend all sessions and leave their “mark” during and after the conference. Believe me, these scholarships make a difference: 13 years before I was named the President of Liberty International scholarship allowed me to attend LIWC 2006 in Prague, Czech Republic. It was the first international libertarian event in my entire life. It changed everything. More recently, we had Nomingerel attending LIWC 2019 in Mongolia and now she is leader of Students for Liberty in her country‚Ķ

But in order to make all of this possible we need you to help to fund the bright students in the first place. Your donation is an investment in a future generation of the freedom leaders, people who will be our fighters for the most precious things that are currently in peril. It truly matters. Please make your donation today.

Thank you!

In Liberty,

Jacek Spendel
President, Liberty International


Please Note - Please review the COVID-19 testing, quarantine and travel restrictions requirements for your destination and endpoints, before and after booking, to verify compliance.

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